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Heute 02:55
In the head of it At the start of it Is the only way to cross Safely and in an Organised fashion Go so far as to bridge Bright dud Frost bites The rapid hum of movement to a halt Care only when the Response comes from de- licous thinkers of an answer Over everywhere And in everything And in thinking there is For the time Shake Right to the core heute
Lying down in the street with the windows open Sounds like your talking at the end of my bed Got to move to move myself Got to talk to talk to you You were missed then you showed up This is a movie Hiding confidently with the windows open I hear you coming and I jump on the bed Got to move to move myself Got to talk to talk to you You were missed then you showed up This is a movie
Alone Queen 02:20
Repeating themselves The day's noises 2 little girls with helium voices I'm so tired Yeh blah blah Just over there Is a room with a cello and a chair Yeh to be the alone queen
Textured canvas talking Lowered down into work Knackered knife's music merely makes you mad not in love
And now the climb leaves it in the clear purpose In the only sense of the word Manipulation With the hands was the point To grow and the nails cleaner than ever before And the fingers The breadth of the tactic with which they point to Grab this dent in the daring It slips like itself
Closed Down 03:23
It's a very powerful pulling of the arms That releases the pressure from the back Only certain people can do it correctly If you don't divine the problem You fuck other things up Catching it wrong Releasing the details To the winner Since I was closed down All those years ago
Melt 04:01
You'd have been so proud If you could've seen me Cleaning out the drawers Such abandon of sentimentality It went It had to go Don't miss it now it's gone So long so long Summer cleaning hear the birds singing They're all singing for the day Cos this day keeps holding on It's all on the line and you know it's fine You melt my heart You monkey You melt my heart
Toppled Off 03:17
And in the great tradition Of all escape artists Past Present We command the future We try to make The air free Shout if the reverse is in Decipher this When the rumour had it that deals were better made than guessed then why are the tricks hiding the fact Toppled off the table The cat screamed for more Such treatment is unforgivable
Fankle 01:43
Tug on a fankle and you get a knot Willow tree is the garden's sea Don't get dressed it's good to be naked A true impression in wax or honey Look what the waterfall's done to the moon
Tea Pot Lid 02:10
One day I'm gonna show you One of these days (gonna roll right) Drink it in drink it in get the drink in,drunk it,drunk, roll Right off the sofa Oh teapot lid I love you so My shield my shiny My black sliding From this tree I can see my move From this tree I can see more
Edges 01:28
After the rain it keeps on raining Under the trees A flower within thorns A light above woods A shadow beyond trees The brighter the leaves The more pain the tree feels Patches grow in rows And all the fields share their edges


This compilation of Sophie's songs was put together for a CD to go with her on tour with Sebadah in the summer of 2011


released April 8, 2015

Sophie - Cello, loops and voice
Tim Harries - Bass, guitars, and electronics
Roy Dodds - percussion
Ben Castle - Reeds


all rights reserved



Sophie Willams aka Mrs Pilgrimm London, UK

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